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Best Vape Juice Brands & Flavors of 2021

Best Vape Juice 2021

Here at DirectVapor, we’ve gone above and beyond to collate the best of the best in vaping, as chosen by you! We’ve pulled the highest rated, most popular vape juice voted on by our users. Top brands like Naked 100, Solace and Air Factory have made the cut. See below for the best vape brands and top vape juices of 2021 according to you!

See below for the best e-liquid brands and flavors of 2021!

  1. Nu-x® CBD Vape Juice

Their motto is Pure By Nature, and the incredible quality of their CBD e-liquids shows it! With Nu-X, you’ll be able to enjoy a premium CBD experience with tinctures, concentrates, and most importantly – e-liquids. With deliciously-inspired dessert flavors in Tellus or the brilliant breakfast blend of Cirrus, Nu-X offers tantalizing vape juice along with top-quality CBD.

  1. Solace

Solace has made a name for themselves with their wide array of incredible vape juice flavors as well as their extremely innovative nicotine salts. These nicotine salts pack an amazingly satisfying nicotine content without the typical associated harshness. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the mouth-watering flavor of Solace e-liquid!

  1. Air Factory

Air Factory has proven themselves to be an assembly line of producing taste-bud tantalizing vape juices. The company offers a staggeringly diverse lineup of flavors. Explore their range of menthol, dessert, and traditional tobacco offerings. If you can imagine it, Air Factory probably has a vape juice flavor for it. 

  1. Pachamama 

Pachamama is an incredible vape juice newcomer that specializes in exotic fruit flavors. If you want to immediately transport yourself to a tropical island paradise of scrumptious goodness, Pachamama is your best bet. You’ll get lost in their world of sweet, sweet e-liquid goodness. 

  1. Salty Man

Like their name suggests, Salty Man have distinguished themselves by being nicotine salt experts. Nic salts have skyrocketed in popularity in the past few years because they retain their smoothness while offering increased nicotine content. If you’ve been wanting to experience your favorite vape juice flavors with more of a nicotine kick, Salty Man is the ticket!  

  1. Humble Juice Co. 

Humble Juice Co. specializes in unique, bespoke vape juices. Their innovative blends have brought flavors to the e-liquid world that were previously unheard of. One of their specialties is their dessert flavored vape juices, such as Creamy Crunch and Humble Crumble. These dessert recreations need to be experienced to be believed! 

  1. Jam Monster

Jam Monster is another vape juice brand that excels at crafting incredible fruit-oriented flavors. They offer mindblowing smoothie-like combinations like Blueberry Raspberry Lemon and Mango Peach Guava. Now you can have a fruit basket experience any time with your Jam Monster! 

  1. VaporFi

We don’t always like to give the competition a boost, but what can we say? VaporFi’s wide selection of e-liquids has both incredible flavor and variety. From classic tobacco to fruit and dessert flavors, tasty doesn’t even begin to describe how delicious their e-liquids are. And heck, they’ll even let you be your own mixologist and make your own custom blend!

  1. Naked 100

An award-winning vape company with award-winning vape juices? What’s not to like? A veritable cornucopia of e-liquid flavors awaits you with Naked 100. Their huge selection of delicious flavors is sure to satisfy your cravings. Fancy menthol? How about fruits, candy, or desserts? Seriously, there is no end to the deliciousness with Naked 100 e-liquids.

  1. Twist

With a name like Lemon Twist, you know they provide a variety of unusual (and delicious) citrus e-liquids! Their award-winning vape juices offer a delectable variation on traditional flavors – Banana Oatmeal Cookie anyone? With an eye on the original, Twist has concocted numerous surprising blends that are sure to intrigue your senses! It’s not the same old lemon-flavored vape juice – it’s a classic, with a twist!

Top 10 Best Vape Juice Flavors of 2021:

  1. Strawberry POM by Naked 100 E-liquid (60mL)

Strawberry POM is an incredible blend of four distinct flavors that add up to so much more than the sum of their parts. The freshest strawberries combine with tart kiwi and pomegranate as well as icy-cool menthol to create a truly unique and delicious flavor explosion. Years of vape juice experience from the master blenders Naked have made this delectable treat possible! 

  1. Watermelon Lime E-Liquid by Juice Head (100mL)

Imagine you’re sitting on a beautiful beach, the sun is shining, the water is the perfect temperature, you’re getting a tan. The only thing you’re missing is a refreshing watermelon. Now you can experience this watermelon goodness with the additional sour kick of lime with Juice Head’s amazing Watermelon Lime vape juice. Complete your vacation fantasy with this unreal e-liquid. 

  1. Butter Pecan by No Hype E-Liquid (120mL)

Everyone loves to pig out on desserts. But the calories associated with stuffing yourself are not the most popular thing. The answer to your dessert dilemma is here, Butter Pecan by No Hype E-Liquid brings you that pecan pie mixed with ice cream without the guilt!

  1. Vanilla Custard by Monster E-liquids – (100mL)

Every year, vape juice manufacturers wow us with their ability to translate our favorite culinary delights into vape juice that you can enjoy any time. Vanilla Custard by Monster E-liquids is a perfect example of this. If you close your eyes, you’ll feel like you are digging into an expertly-baked custard at a fancy restaurant, all at a fraction of the price! 

  1. Mint 0° Nic Salt by Twist E-liquids – (2 Pack)

Sometimes you need to step back, take a load off, and chill out. Cool down with Mint 0° Nic Salt by Twist E-liquids. This e-juice packs in a tremendously satisfying amount of nicotine while maintaining a smooth and fresh mint flavor. 

  1. Devils Punchbowl E-Liquid by Khali Vapors (60mL)

Drop into a devilishly delicious distraction of delectable delights. The Devil’s Punchbowl by Khali Vapors is here… Tropical guava melds with peach to create a sinfully tasty brew. Make your deal with the vape juice devil today!

  1. Rainbow Blood E-liquid by Sadboy (60mL)

What the heck is Rainbow Blood? What kind of flavor could it possibly be? Don’t ask us, we don’t know! The only thing that matters to us is how incredibly delicious this mysterious flavor from Sadboy e-liquids is. Try to solve the flavor mystery yourself, if you dare… 

  1. Blue Frost by Propaganda Salts E-Liquid (30mL)

Picture this: it’s a sweltering late summer day. You’re sweating after playing a round of frisbee in the park and desperately need some refreshment. Suddenly, help arrives in the form of a delicious blue slushie from the ice cream truck! Now you can replicate this rush of icy euphoria wherever you are with Blue Frost by Propaganda Salts.

  1. Pineapple Nic Salts by Solace Vapor – (30 mL)

If you love pineapple and also desire a satisfying nicotine kick, you’re in luck. Solace Vapor’s Pineapple flavor is a top tier blend that uses innovative blending to offer increased nicotine in a smooth, tropical package. Order your bottle today!   

  1. VaporFi Fruit Dragonthol Nic Salts (30mL)

Enter the dragon — Delicious fresh dragon fruit comes together with menthol to formulate this incredible blend from the vape juice wizards at VaporFi. All of this incredible flavor comes your way in a rich nic salt package. Try this intoxicating blend and experience the bliss for yourself.

And that’s it! The best of the best vape juices of 2021 – as chosen by you! Which one is your favorite, and did it make the list? And if you want to try one of these delightful blends, head on over to DirectVapor now to give your vape tank a fresh new flavor!

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