Best Vape Juice Brands & Flavors of 2021

Here at DirectVapor, we’ve gone above and beyond to collate the best of the best in vaping, as chosen by you! We’ve pulled the highest rated, most popular vape juice voted on by our users. Top brands like Naked 100, Dripco and Motley Brew have made the cut. See below for the best vape brands and top vape juices of 2021 according to you!

See below for the best e-liquid brands and flavors of 2021!

Best Vape Juice Brands 2021

#1 nu-x® CBD Vape Juice

Their motto is Pure By Nature, and the incredible quality of their CBD e-liquids shows it! With Nu-X, you’ll be able to enjoy a premium CBD experience with tinctures, concentrates, and most importantly – e-liquids. With deliciously-inspired dessert flavors in Tellus or the brilliant breakfast blend of Cirrus, Nu-X offers tantalizing vape juice along with top-quality CBD.

#2 Riptide

Dive in deep with rich e-liquid flavors powered by NicTech, only by RipTide. Their unique Ripstick device is the perfect way to enjoy their variety of vape juices, which serve as a satisfying twist on classic taste sensations. Their Brightleaf Tobacco and Tropical flavor pods are absolute stand-outs. Do yourself a favor, and wade into the RipTide.

#3 VaporFi

We don’t always like to give the competition a boost, but what can we say? VaporFi’s wide selection of e-liquids has both incredible flavor and variety. Who’s up for a bottle of Raspberry Mocha, GRND RSRV Rainbow Custard, or summer-inspired Strawberry Shortcake? Tasty doesn’t even begin to describe how delicious their e-liquids are. And heck, they’ll even let you be your own mixologist and make your own custom blend!

#4 Dripco

You won’t find more enticing, intense and absolutely delicious flavors than those from The Dripco! Their wide selection of e-liquids are noteworthy for their rich taste and smooth feel, and it’s no wonder The Dripco has ended up on the list of most popular vape juice brands. With flavors like Strawberry Crisp, Caramel Cream and Fruity Cheesecake, it’s not hard to see why!

#5 Motley Brew

Motley Brew ain’t your grandfather’s e-liquid. A keen rock identity is key to understanding their approach to e-liquids – namely, by turning it up to 11! From the caramel apple custard goodness of the Grateful Red to the decadent blueberries and praline velvet cake sweetness of Almost Famous, Motley Brew will keep on rocking your taste buds!

motley brew e liquid

#6 Naked 100

An award-winning vape company with award-winning vape juices? What’s not to like? A veritable cornucopia of e-liquid flavors awaits you with Naked 100. Their huge selection of delicious flavors is sure to satisfy your cravings. Fancy menthol? How about fruits, or candy, or desserts? Seriously, there is no end to the deliciousness with Naked 100 e-liquids.

#7 Twist

With a name like Lemon Twist, you know they provide a variety of unusual (and delicious) citrus e-liquids! Their award-winning vape juices offer a delectable variation on traditional flavors – Banana Oatmeal Cookie anyone? With an eye on the original, Twist has concocted numerous surprising blends that are sure to intrigue your senses! It’s not the same old lemon-flavored vape juice – it’s a classic, with a twist!

#8 Pop! Vapors

With a cartoonist’s sense of fun and excitement, Pop! Vapors has to be on your list as much as it is on ours thanks to their incredible e-liquid creations! All their vape juices are bursting with rich flavor, especially the menthol-infused Ice variants. Sugary-sweet e-liquids are their specialty, and their Neon e-liquid offers a cravable blend of gummy worms and tropical fruit that’s absolutely unmissable.

Best Vape Juice Flavors 2021

#1 Heisenberg Menthol by Innevape E-Liquids (75mL)

When it comes to rich and intense menthol flavor, none can compare to the Heisenberg Menthol by Innevape E-Liquids. With a blend of blue raspberry, blueberry slushie and rich menthol, this incredibly sweet yet powerfully cooling vape juice is a flavor enjoyed by vapers everywhere. It’s not just a must-have e-liquid – it’s THE must-have!

#2 Cosmic Fog Kryptonite 70VG E-Liquid

A blast of liquid melon and candy flavor is what sets the Cosmic Fog Kryptonite e-liquid apart from the competition. Deliciously sweet and intense, the Kryptonite offers a blend that’s utterly unlike anything else on the market. Enjoy an out-of-this-world flavor profile that is sure to inspire your palate.

#3 Hawaiian Pog Ice by Naked 100 E-liquid (60ML)

Ice means rich menthol, but Hawaiian Pog means a delicious island blast! This cool tropical blend of refreshing pineapple, juicy orange and savory guava (and all-important menthol) will excite and delight your taste buds. Your senses have never experienced anything as good as this! It’s no wonder it’s one of our most popular vape juices!
naked 100 e liquid

#4 Motley Brew Almost Famous E-liquid (60ML)

Of course Motley Brew was going to be on here! Their Almost Famous e-liquid is an indulgent blend that will rock you. A deliciously complex blend of velvety blueberry cake topped with crunchy praline pecan with a dusting of powdered sugar, Almost Famous kickstarts our taste buds and sends them into flavor overdrive! It’s a fantastically tasty vape juice that we can’t wait to have all right now.

#5 VaporFi Menthol Tobacco E-liquid (60mL)

Craving a deliciously tasty tobacco e-liquid, but also want the crisp flavor of menthol too? Well, since they are on the best of the best list…then we’d have to point you towards the superb taste sensations of the VaporFi Menthol Tobacco e-liquid! Earthy notes will tantalize your taste buds before you enjoy that rush of cooling menthol, for a taste that’s sublime. It’s not complicated or overly elaborate – just rich tobacco and menthol, in easy harmony.

#6 Caramel Cream E-Liquid by The DripCo (60mL)

It’s the complete dream – it’s Caramel Cream by The Dripco! This smooth and sweet dessert treat offers the taste of caramel cookies and fresh cream for a rich, warm flavor profile that’s too good to pass up! Caramel is a classic flavor, and The Dripco has turned that flavor goodness all the way up! What are you waiting for? Grab a bottle of this dessert-inspired dream ASAP!

Juicy and refreshing citrus flavor gets a classic twist (of course) with the Wild Watermelon Lemonade thanks to Lemon Twist E-Liquid. It’s not just a delicious summer blend…it’s a delicious anytime blend! Who could possibly want to pass up the taste of ripe red watermelon and succulently-sweet lemonade? Don’t wait for the sunshine – grab it here and now!

Absolutely gushing with fruity and sweet flavor, the Blue Raspberry Hard Candy E-Liquid by POP! Vapors is a mouthwatering and utterly delicious vape juice you’ll want to visit time and time again. With a blast of blueberries and raspberries, and the lip-smacking goodness of candy flavor, this vape juice proves why it’s one of the most popular flavors for vapers to savor!

#9 Riptide Mint Disposable TFN Vape Pod

A classic taste doesn’t have to be boring. Find out for yourself with the RipTide Mint vape pod! Thanks to the NicTech technology RipTide uses, their flavors are boosted for further intensity and a smoother throat feel, especially if combined with their Ripstick device. It’s not just crisp, garden-fresh mint flavor – it’s crisp, garden-fresh mint flavor from RipTide!

#10 Maitri CBD Vape Juice by Nu-X

We’ve reached the end of our list – but by no means is this vape juice the bottom of the barrel! In fact, we’d be hard pressed to find another CBD-infused vape juice we like half as much as the Maitri CBD vape juice by Nu-X! It’s not just 100% hemp-derived, organic CBD that’s worth trying, but also the tantalizing tropical flavors of succulent mango and sweet lychee! It’s incredibly tasty, and you get to enjoy premium CBD while you’re at it. Who needs to shell out for plane tickets when you’ve got an island vacation in the palm of your hand?

And that’s it! The best of the best vape juices of 2021 – as chosen by you! Which one is your favorite, and did it make the list? And if you want to try one of these delightful blends, head on over to DirectVapor now to give your vape tank a fresh new flavor!


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