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Tobacco e-liquid always has, and always will be one of the top faves among vapers. It is the classic flavor of smoking, and even if wondrous new tastes come about, as they always do, the old favorite in tobacco will always reign supreme. This flavor can be jazzed up or scaled down; either way, it remains endlessly popular, familiar, and comforting. It is like an old favorite sweater; it feels great to return to it, even if you’ve had it put away for months while enjoying other exotic flavors of the season. So in celebration of tobacco e-liquid, here are our top picks, which we suggest as go-to choices for experiencing the full, robust flavor you are most likely quite familiar with.

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Simple but Perfect Tobacco E-Juice

VaporFi Classic Tobacco E-Liquid: deliciously simple, the perfect tobacco can be found right here in this classic flavor.

Cosmic Charlie’s Chalk Dust Honey Badger: clean, robust tobacco with a twist: the addition of a creamy note for leveling off that strong flavor. It’s a wonderful taste that is both strong, luscious, and pleasant.


Tobacco E-Liquid Blends

Tobacconist by Element Honey Roasted Tobacco: a rich, slightly sweetened addition to flavorful tobacco, with a smooth roasted note.

Cosmic Fog Chill’d Tobacco: a cool and refreshing tobacco blended with tingly peppermint.


Dessert Tobacco E-Liquids

Brew’s Brothers by Motley Brew: this amazing blend offers the perfect flavor for your morning vape! Smooth espresso and caramel are added to a rich tobacco for an incredible flavor combo!

VaporFi Grand Reserve Havana Beach: vibrantly tropical, this is a very indulgent take on tobacco. Mild black tobacco is blended with caramel, cream, and coconut candy for a very sweet, rich, island-inspired taste.

Tobacco e-liquids are a staple, and every vaper should have several available in their personal collection at all times. These timeless juices offer a rich, soothing taste that feels awesome in the right moment. So vape up and savor the robust flavor; there is nothing quite like tobacco, and enjoying this flavor in vapor form allows you to relish in the best of both worlds, while being smoke-free, tar-free, and combustion free. It can’t get better than that!

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