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Did you know that menthol vape juices come in a huge range of flavors? For many people, menthol is a distinguished taste that they associate with cigarettes. However, when it comes to e-liquids, there are tons of different ways that menthol can be used.

Yes, we have some traditional menthol and tobacco combinations, but we also have some delicious pure menthol and fruit menthol twists.

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Here is a look at the wide world of menthol that you have yet to discover:

Tobacco Menthol

We’ll begin with tobacco menthol because this is the most common flavor that new vapers are familiar with. With a rich, savory tobacco base, VaporFi’s Menthol Tobacco is made to perfectly replicate your favorite menthol cigarettes.

This is a great transitional flavor for those who are looking for an alternative to smoking. Just like a menthol cigarette, it offers a slight cooling effect on your throat to make each hit a little softer than a straight tobacco flavor would be.

Full On Menthol

If you’ve always been a fan of super strong menthol flavors, here’s some good news. Both Tobacco Menthol and Menthol Freeze offer super icy mint flavor that will grab your taste buds. Mighty Menthol is just a little bit warmer than Menthol Freeze and just a little bit cooler than Menthol Tobacco. It’s a great choice if you started with Menthol Tobacco and want something with a little bit more of that minty punch. You’ll love the way this tingles on your tongue.

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Bundled Menthol

On a more surprising note, menthol flavors are being paired with some sweet flavors to create a whole new realm of minty candy vapes. For instance, the creative minds behind Naked 100 have created three new ICE flavors – Berry Medley, Tropical Medley and Rich Fruit Medley – mixed with menthol. The sticky sweet nature of the fruit flavors is cut with an intense menthol flavor that will blow your mind.

Aside from these unusual flavors, there are also a variety of other sweet-style vapes, including chocolate mint varieties that are popular. A sweet spearmint flavor is created using menthol to give nearly any candy that minty twist. There are also some wintery peppermint flavors that you’ll love during the holidays. There’s menthol for every season of the year and then some!

Fruity Menthol

The flavors mentioned above are known for their super-sweet artificial candy taste, but those aren’t the only fruit and menthol combinations out there. On the other side of things, there are a number of authentic fruit flavors that are being mixed with menthol with great success. One standout option is Banana Ice, which offers a nice mix of banana fruit juices iced down with the menthol.

The fruit and menthol category is filled with great tropical beverage replicas that you’ll love. There are also plenty of fruity cocktails that benefit from the cool touch of the menthol. With names like Island Frost and Pink Lemonade you can almost imagine yourself relaxing on the beach with a nice cold beverage in hand.

Aside from cocktails and smoothies, there are also some fruits that are just inherently associated with cooling off during the summertime. Fresh watermelon, raspberries and even blueberries can be mixed with a touch of menthol to create that straight-out-of-the-refrigerator taste. It’s a nice and refreshing way to enjoy a zero calorie snack in the middle of the afternoon.

Other Menthol Options

This is certainly not an exhaustive list of all the things you can accomplish with a menthol liquid by your side. Perhaps the most exciting part of vaping with menthol is that it can be added to nearly anything to make the hit just a tiny bit softer. It doesn’t take much to catch the airy nature of the menthol shining through. Even if you have never smoke menthol cigarettes, grabbing a bottle or two of a pure menthol juice can be a good idea. Then you can experiment with creating your own combinations and adding that cooling effect to your favorite vapes.


If you’ve been searching for something new to try, stop by DIRECTVAPOR’s menthol page and discover all of the different menthol vapes available to you. You’ll be amazed to discover the wide range of menthol vapes that have been created. Even e-liquids that don’t necessarily cry out menthol by the name may have just a hint of menthol in them to provide balance from a more savory flavor. Given the incredible flexibility and versatility of the menthol flavor in general, it’s no surprise these are some of the best-selling vape juices in the nation.

DIRECTVAPOR is here for all of your vaping needs with our one of a kind customer satisfaction promise. With our Low Price Guarantee and easy return policy you’ll never be disappointed when you buy with DIRECTVAPOR.

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