Best Relaxing E-liquids and Vape Juices

Over the years, a number of studies have shown that certain flavors and scents are associated with stress relief and relaxation. Vapers can experience those same positive effects in vapor form through the use of relaxing vape juice flavors. Being able to replicate the smell and taste of those stress relievers is enough to take you away and help you relax. Here are some of our top performers:

VaporFi Grand Reserve Island Frost

If it’s time for you to get away and take a long vacation, look no further than VaporFi’s Island Frost. This flavor combines berries and mint along with a number of other tropical flavors to carry your stress away on the wind. The pineapple and coconut make their way to the forefront, so you can instantly close your eyes and imagine yourself relaxing on that secluded island in peace.

Islander Beach Bum

One of the most popular flavors to come out of the Islander factory, Beach Bum is more of an upbeat adventure in an island setting. The pineapple sets the stage, and then you will discover berries and pomegranate rushing in like the waves of the ocean. This is a great escape flavor for those who want to get out of the office and pick up a surfboard or swim with sharks. It will lift your spirits and help you reconnect with all of the wonders of the world.

Very Berry by Naked 100

When it’s time to really chill out, Very Berry by Naked 100 is a great choice. It features a combination of blackberry and blueberry flavors for a sweet, yet complex berry taste bonanza. The finishing touch of a tangy lemon sugar drizzle means you get just the right amount of tartness and sweetness with this e-juice.

Raspeach Mint Tea by Tea Co.

Maybe instead of taking a wild vacation you would rather enjoy a quiet staycation in your own home with a stack of books. Raspeach Mint Tea by Tea Co. is an excellent choice for a mellow stress-relief session. The cool flavor of iced tea is complemented by raspberry and peach syrup as well as a tiny sprig of mint leaf. It’s both refreshing and relaxing.

Chocolate Tobacco by Element

If chocolate is your comfort food, consider the wondrous Chocolate Tobacco flavor from Element. This flavor is lightly sweet with a hearty tobacco base. This is a flavor that will draw you into a deeply meditative state and give you time to reflect. The boldness of this flavor lies in the earthy tones and the slight tartness of the dark chocolate mixed in. Take a few deep breaths, close your eyes and enjoy this e-liquid in complete calm.

Boyd’s Bounty

Boyd’s Bounty has long been one of our top-selling flavors in the dessert category. We all know that oatmeal is a hearty, back-to-basics food that helps us clear our minds. It is also used in cosmetics and other industries to help improve our skin, hair and more. Thus, this awesome oatmeal raisin cookie liquid gives you a taste of all the great benefits oatmeal has to offer. You will instantly feel at home surrounded by a cloud of this vapor.

The Mint Leaf by Pachamama

Everybody knows that summer is meant for relaxing and few flavors say summer better than The Mint Leaf by Pachamama. A delicious combination of berries, honeydew melon, kiwi fruit and gently refreshing mint, this vape juice will have you mentally on a beach with a tropical drink in hand in no time!


There are plenty of other flavors out there that feature these same stress-relieving properties. Whatever your go-to comfort food is, you can almost certainly find an e-liquid that mimics the taste and smell. You can find flavors that remind you of visiting home or of traveling abroad.

At DIRECTVAPOR, you can also purchase any of these calming vape juices with no nicotine so you can enjoy their stress-relieving properties even if you don’t want to use nicotine at all. And everything you buy comes with our DIRECTVAPOR Promise.

Many people understand that vaping these flavors to enjoy the aromatherapy and the flavor is enough to help them relax and deal with the stress of life more effectively.

If you’re not sure which flavor will help you relax the most, we recommend one of our sampler packs that feature a variety of different flavors for you to try out. In general, light and savory flavors tend to be more relaxing than sweet candy flavors.

Berries and tropical fruits are also very popular because the flavors have a foreign taste that takes the mind out of the immediate environment. As you explore, remember that you can rotate through several different flavors to keep your brain engaged and keep from getting tired of one particular flavor.


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