Beginners’ Guide to Squonking

For many vapers, newbie and experienced alike, squonking is a vape term that holds a considerable amount of mystery. You may have heard talk about the unique experience offered by squonking, or perhaps you’ve heard cautionary tales about squonking rookies and their vape sessions gone wrong. The one thing that most vapers can agree on about squonking is that it’s an innovative approach to the vape experience, showing the vape community that there’s always something new to learn.

Here’s a detailed rundown of everything you need to know about squonking, so you can decide if this popular vape trend is something you’d like to try.

What is Squonking?

Squonking is a specific vaping method that utilizes a unique mod, generally called a squonker or a squonk mod. The mod utilizes a built-in e-juice bottle and a bottom-feeding design that allows you to control the flow of your juice to the wicks and coils. With a squonk mod, you pump the vape juice upwards through the atomizer on demand. Squonking is particularly popular with vapers who enjoy dripping because it combines the flavor intensity of the dripping method with an increased e-juice capacity.

The Benefits of Squonking

The Benefits of Squonking

When you compare squonking with dripping, there’s one major benefit that stands out from the rest. Instead of manually dripping liquid onto the wick, requiring you to keep a bottle of e-liquid in one hand at all times, squonking requires only a quick squeeze of the bottle. It’s less time-consuming and considerably easier than the alternative.

Additionally, because squonk devices typically have a relatively generous e-liquid capacity, you’ll have extended vape time at your disposal. This is a big switch from the constant refilling requiring by dripping, and even the regular refills required by some standard, lower-capacity mods on the market.

If you’re currently using a traditional mod set-up, you might be wondering if squonking is worth the time and effort. Many vapers report that flavor intensifies dramatically when squonking, so if you particularly enjoy a flavorful experience, you may want to give it a try.

Squonking vs. Dripping

Dripping involves manually dropping vape juice onto a cotton wick, saturating it completely. The wick is in direct contact with the mod’s heating element, which then heats the juice until it vaporizes. After a few puffs, the vape juice on the wick has been consumed, at which point you drip more onto the cotton. These steps repeat throughout your entire vape session.

For some vapers, dripping becomes a hassle, proving to be both time-consuming and generally inconvenient. However, most longtime drippers have long argued that the intense flavor and increased vapor potential is absolutely worth the extra trouble. But now, squonking is providing a way for vapers to enjoy the benefits of dripping while simplifying the experience.

The basic idea is mostly the same, with the exception of the method of saturating the wick. Instead of manually dripping the vape juice onto a wick, a squonk mod pulls from its internal juice reservoir. You simply squeeze the bottle to supply the e-juice on demand, feeding it directly into the RDA.

What Do You Need to Get into Squonking?

What Do You Need to Get into Squonking?

Squonking does require a specially-designed vape set-up, and purchasing the correct equipment is important for a safe, enjoyable squonk experience:

  • A squonk mod: This is a mod specifically designed to be used in squonking.
  • A squonk atomizer, or bottom-feed (BF) atomizer: You can choose either an RDA or RTA. The main difference between a BF atomizer and a standard one is the addition of a squonk or BF pin.

The Squonking Method

The method used for squonking is actually fairly simple, requiring you to squeeze your mod’s bottle to supply vape juice at regular intervals. However, you may have heard about the potential dangers associated with this method – so, where does the risk come in?

Until recently, squonkers primarily used unregulated mods, because most manufacturers had yet to venture into this new territory. In general, unregulated mods carry some risk, because user error can easily lead to faulty construction or parts. The good news is that many vape brands have jumped on the squonking boat, and are now making high-quality, regulated squonk-specific mods with well-rounded safety features.

Enjoy an Excellent Squonking Experience with DIRECTVAPOR

Most vapers that find themselves drawn towards squonking have one thing in common: a deep appreciation for creating a vape experience that truly goes above and beyond. Odds are, you’re pretty passionate about vaping – and here at DIRECTVAPOR, we are too. If you’re ready to try squonking for yourself, you’ll want to set yourself up for success with premium products that are crafted by the best in the business. Don’t waste your first squonking experiences on low-grade products from knockoff retailers; instead, stick with DIRECTVAPOR for the high-quality products that are sure to satisfy.

We stock the industry’s favorite squonk mods and e-juice, as well as everything else you need for an excellent vape session. Browse our extensive selection to find all your vape favorites for squonking and beyond.


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