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Grab Life by the Beard: Liquids that Beg to be Vaped

beard vape colors

Let’s get colorful, y’all! Hundreds of thousands of bottles sold, available on six continents and in every state in the US, Beard is one of the most sought-after names in vapor. They just launched a collection of rad flavors, and with that in mind, let us introduce to you their newest offerings: Colors.

The newest collection from Beard Vape Co has arrived and everyone who knows what this brand does was anxious to get these into their tanks, ASAP. Five colors that represent five different, unique, exceptionally well-crafted flavors are the highlight here. Instead of names in number form, as was their last collection, the new colors offer a different take. Here they are:

Red by Beard Vape Co: Lush, ripe strawberries and velvety cream.
Pink by Beard Vape Co: Mango and lychee perfection.
Blue by Beard Vape Co: A cool cucumber and melon infusion.
Green by Beard Vape Co: Honeydew and cantaloupe paired with smooth vanilla custard.
Tan by Beard Vape Co: A richly spiced yet silky smooth chai latte.

Sounds delicious, right? Well, these flavors sold out on Beard’s site the minute they landed, and now that they’re available on DIRECTVAPOR, we encourage you to get your hands on them ASAP! They are each unique, offering some of the finest flavors. Far from ordinary, expect a most colorful experience here.

Beard Vape Co is one of the hottest, most inventive, most interesting brands in the vape world. Their liquids are always of the highest quality, offering exceptional flavors, and of course, their signature packaging. This brand has always been about creating a top notch product, designed first and foremost with their customers in mind. They credit that premise with their success, and ultimately, the incredible reputation they’ve crafted since. In fact, their very inception was founded by the testing and feedback of their customers, and this concept of always pleasing their peeps is what allows them to continuously produce top-selling, mind-blowing flavors. So try their new “colors” today. They’re amazingly good!

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