Everything You Need to Know about Autoship

Everything You Need to Know about Autoship - DIRECTVAPOR DIRECTVAPOR is proud to announce the launch of our exciting new Autoship Program! Vape subscription boxes have gotten popular lately – and we get it. Take a look at DIRECTVAPOR Autoship, though, and we think you’ll agree it’s the best thing going when it comes to vaping your way. Hundreds of products qualify, including e-liquids, vape batteries, coils, wires, and we’re constantly adding new vape products all the time. Let’s dive into the new program and everything it has to offer!
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What is Autoship?

Tired of running out of vape juice? Want to make sure you get the e-liquid refills you want on your schedule? Autoship is the fastest way to get monthly e-liquid refills, replacement coils, and much more directly from the vape experts at DIRECTVAPOR. It’s never been easier to get the products you want, when you want them – without having to re-order your favorite products every time you run out. Everything You Need to Know about Autoship - DIRECTVAPOR

Why Choose Autoship?

There are plenty of reasons Autoship is the most convenient way to vape:

Your stuff on your schedule

Versatile scheduling and customization mean you get exactly what you want when you want it. Once you set it up, it’s a hands-free experience you never have to worry about. And if you run dry after a big cloud-chasing competition, just log in and adjust your options. Items in your Autoship don’t need to be bundled. Each one can have its own shipment settings.

Completely personalized

When we say “complete customization,” we mean it. Autoship gives you any DIRECTVAPOR product right at your fingertips. You’ll always get your favorite vape juice and accessories. If you decide you want us to send you a totally new vape every month, who are we to complain? It’s completely up to you – try getting that out of a vape subscription box.
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Totally convenient

Autoship is the easiest shopping experience you’ve had since you picked out your very first vape. Set it up once and you’re done. You’ll get shipments on your schedule for as long as you want them. Need to make an adjustment? It only takes a few seconds. Need to pause for a while? It’s done in a few clicks. Consider it your ultimate vape mart “in the cloud”.

No surprises

Lots of people pick vape subscription boxes because they like surprises. Here’s the thing: Finding out your favorite vape juice is never in your box is like unwrapping an unwanted sweater at Christmas. You know what you like – so why settle for anything less? Hundreds of products can qualify, including e-liquids, vape batteries, replacement coils, wires, and much more.

Amazing prices

When you sign up with Autoship, you’ll get a tasty 10 percent off your first order. After that, you enjoy 5 percent savings on all your most vital vape gear. Let’s face it: You need to order this stuff anyway, right? You might as well enjoy premium selection and affordable prices from DIRECTVAPOR. There are no fees – ever – even when you pause, unpause or cancel.

Free domestic shipping anywhere in the United States

No matter how much or how little you feel like ordering through Autoship, shipping is free anywhere in the United States. We make it fast and efficient so you never have to wait for your favorite gear. And, yes, you can get your orders shipped to P.O. boxes. How convenient is that? We don’t even charge sales tax unless you’re in Florida (sorry, Florida!). International customers, never fear: Though it’s not free, we ship worldwide.

Return anything (almost) any time

Return any unused product in its original packaging within 15 days for a full refund. All our Autoship customers benefit from the DIRECTVAPOR promise to you – including awesome quality through our “no clone zone” policy. For the hottest deals in vaping, opt in for Autoship today!
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