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Suorin Air Ultra-Portable AIO Vape Starter Kit Review

Suorin Air Ultra Portable AIO Vape Starter Kit Review

Vape brand Suorin has a well-respected reputation for creating smart, styilsh products designed with vapers in mind, and the Suorin Air Ultra-Portable AIO Vape Starter Kit is no exception. As the popularity of pod-based vape systems grows across the vaping community, the Air is a

beard vape colors

Grab Life by the Beard: Liquids that Beg to be Vaped

Let’s get colorful, y’all! Hundreds of thousands of bottles sold, available on six continents and in every state in the US, Beard is one of the most sought-after names in vapor. They just launched a collection of rad flavors, and with that in mind, let

Vaporesso Renova Zero All-in-One Vape Pod System Review

Vaporesso Renova Zero AIO Vape Pod System Review

Here at DIRECTVAPOR, there’s never a shortage of volunteers when it comes time to put together one of our vape reviews. With plenty of passionate vapers on the team, there was plenty of excitement for the release of the Vaporesso Renova Zero, an all-in-one vape

SMOK Fit Ultra Portable Vape Review

Smok Fit Review – Ultra Portable Vape Pod System

Every vaper should have an ultra-portable vape device in their arsenal, particularly if on-the-go vape sessions are a regular occurrence. As enjoyable as high-powered, maximalist-style mods can be, sometimes you just want something that’s both incredibly convenient and remarkably satisfying. Enter the SMOK Fit, the

Wismec Motiv 2 AIO Vape Pod Starter Kit Review

Wismec Motiv 2 AIO Vape Pod Starter Kit Review

Wismec is an internationally-acclaimed vape brand with plenty of industry awards under its belt, showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Among the company’s recent releases is the Motiv 2 AIO Vape Pod Starter Kit, joining the growing ranks of convenient, user-friendly pod-based systems.

How Long do Atomizers Last_

How Long do Vape Atomizers Last?

At DIRECTVAPOR, our mission is to provide the highest quality products and services, empowering our customers to truly enjoy their best vaping experience. A single product can be the difference between a terrible vaping session and an excellent one, so choosing wisely is important. So,

how to clean a vape

How to Clean a Vape

Have you ever wished you could bottle that brand-new vape feeling and somehow preserve the excitement of powering up a sleek, shiny, and perfectly performing device for the first time? While we might not be able to recreate that exact experience every time you vape,

how to make vape coils

How to Make Vape Coils

Learning how to make vape coils can seem like a savvy way to take charge of your vaping experience, particularly for the seasoned vaper. And if you’re here, you’re probably hoping to figure out how to build vape coils that will deliver your perfect vape

how do atomizers work

How Do Atomizers Work

Just like any great pro racer knows what’s under the hood of their race car, seasoned vapers can usually tell you all about the key components in their favorite vape device. If you want to ramp up your vape experience and maximize the quality of

diy rebuildable vapes for beginners

Guide to DIY Rebuildable Vapes for Beginners

For anyone that’s browsed some of our DIY vape resources, it’s well-known that we don’t generally recommend that brand-new vapers dive right into DIY rebuildable vapes. But with a solid foundation of vape experience, plus a thorough understanding of DIY vape safety and techniques, customizing

what is synthetic nicotine

What is Synthetic Nicotine?

It’s no secret that vape regulations have been in a state of flux, especially with new federal laws affecting everything from shipping to e-juice flavors. Even though changing rules have created plenty of challenges, they’ve also helped spark impressive innovations in the industry – like

Can You Ship Vapes in the Mail? What You Need to Know

News of the recent vape shipping ban in the U.S. has plenty of people talking, but many consumers have far more questions than answers. And for vapers that regularly shop DIRECTVAPOR online, the biggest question is this: can you ship vapes in the mail? The

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