American Cancer Society Sides With Vaping

This year has marked a definitive step forward in the fight for vaping rights and accessibility. Most notably, the American Cancer Society released a statement in February of 2018 indicating that they support the use of e-cigarettes as a safer alternative to traditional tobacco products. Their statement addresses some of the most critical counterpoints to e-cigarette usage. Here’s what they are saying now:

Cease Smoking, Any way You Can

It’s no secret that the American Cancer Society has been against cigarettes for a very long time. In fact, according to this statement, quitting their smoking habit is the single most important decision that an individual can make for their health. As such, they have agreed that taking any steps at all toward giving up cigarettes is the right way to go, even if that means switching to ENDs to help you wean off. While e-cigarettes do not currently fall within the realm of smoking cessation products per the FDA, more and more doctors are recognizing the fact that they play an important role in helping millions of people quit each year. According to them, we should support this effort, even if it is not conventional.

Making a Permanent Switch is Better than Nothing

Another shift in policy has to do with those who choose to make a permanent switch to vaping instead of using it as a temporary cessation device. The ACS states that we should continue to be cautious with vaporizers until we can learn more about their long-term effects, but based on the research we currently have available, switching to vaping is still preferable to smoking. This is because the combustion process used in cigarettes, and the extra chemicals added to them, are the real culprits behind the cancer risk. Since e-cigarettes eliminate many of these chemicals in favor of a purer form of tobacco-derived nicotine, we should accept vaporizers as a form of risk reduction.

For vapers everywhere, this is a major win that could have far-reaching implications for legislators. There is still a long fight ahead of us to gain recognition as a legitimate smoking cessation tool, but with the help of the ACS, vaporizers may start to gain support from local doctors and experts who need all the help they can get against cancer and smoking. Fortunately, the ACS statement also indicates that they will be keeping an eye on new research and updating the medical community with their findings as more time passes.


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