WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Aspire Breeze 2 All-In-One Vape Starter Kit


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The market for all-in-one devices has just thickened with the release of the uniquely designed Aspire Breeze 2 All-In-One Vape Starter Kit, a high-performance, compact system capable of delivering an even greater experience than the original Aspire Breeze. This upgraded version features a single fire button, a larger battery capacity, a larger tank capacity, adjustable airflow, and it utilizes the Breeze U-Tech Coil Family. The Aspire Breeze 2 Starter Kit delivers an incredible design, boasting simplicity, an aluminum alloy construction, while utilizing a very compact profile of 19mm by 35mm by 96mm. It’s the perfect travel companion for any situation. The top sports a multi-use top cap that acts as a drip tip, gives the ability to access the coil, and features a protective cap. Just beneath is a large tank with a 3ML e-liquid capacity. The tank is top filled, making it super easy to refill the tank. It’s just as easy to replace the coil, which uses the Breeze U-Tech Coil Family. This consists of the 0.6-ohm designed for general use, and the 1.0-ohm designed specifically for salt based nicotine e-liquids. You may also adjust its airflow when you remove the mouthpiece, which will allow you to dial in to your airflow preference. The Aspire Breeze 2 All-In-One Kit also features a direct voltage output, where the performance is based on the current state of the battery. The battery integrated into the device is a 1000mAh rechargeable battery, and you can identify the current state of the battery via the LED battery life indicator. To operate it all, a single fire button is used, giving you quick and precise control over the Aspire Breeze 2!

What's Included:

  • 1 x Aspire Breeze 2 AIO Vape Starter Kit
  • 1 x 1.0ohm Aspire Breeze 2 U-Tech Coil
  • 1 x 0.6ohm Aspire Breeze 2 U-Tech Coil
  • 1 x MicroUSB Cable
  • 1 x Silicone Seal
  • Spare O-Rings Pack
  • User Instruction Manual

Aspire Breeze 2 Specs & Features

  • Dimensions: 96mm x 35mm x 19mm
  • 3mL E-liquid Capacity
  • Internal 3000mAh Battery
  • Direct Voltage Output
  • Single Button Activation
  • Aluminum Alloy Construction
  • PEPG Tank Material Construction
  • Top-Fill Design
  • Drip Tip Plastic Cap
  • Aspire Breeze U-Tech Coil Technology
  • 1.0ohm Coil best for Nicotine Salts
  • 0.6ohm Coil rated for all E-liquid Types
  • U-Shaped Cylinder, All in One Design
  • MicroUSB Charging Port
WARNING: This is an advanced Item. Please use at your own risk and always use proper precautions and handling. Images are for illustration purposes only. Actual color, finish and packaging may vary.
  1. amazing pod system review by Roy on 11/4/2018
    Overall Rating

    I purchased 2 of these after love the first one so much. I was a 2 pad smoker and have now been smoke free for nearly 3 weeks using this system. so easy to fill and nic salts taste and work great in it. takes about an hour to full charge and the charge lasts me nearly 4 days. There isn't anything about this pod system that I don't like! If you want to quit smoking and/or you are looking for a reliable and simple mod with none of the high tech unnecessary features then this is your ticket!

  2. Great but not perfect review by Click on 10/30/2018
    Overall Rating

    It's great when it works but the coils (I have been using the .6 ohm coils) tend to flood rather easily and it's hard to fix. A good trick is to position the cool so only half the openings are open for juice to flow. This shouldn't be necessary in the first place. Otherwise I love it but it's rather hard to get going right.

  3. Great but not perfect review by Click on 10/29/2018
    Overall Rating

    Taste is great, cloud production is great, but coils flood. A lot. Found it can be minamized by adjusting the positioning of the holes on the coils to control eliquid flow. Otherwise when it's not flooded it's a great vape for both freebase and salt liquids.

  4. Very cool device for salt nic! review by Zapain Hurtzalot on 9/22/2018
    Overall Rating

    Had this pod mod for a few days now and WOW! Great little mod with a very cool pod system that's easy to fill and change coils. The charge has lasted the 4 days I've had it and is still going strong. I'm using the 1.0 coil and 25mg salt nic and I can still do direct lung hits, YES, it produces that amount of vapor! Not as much as .25 coil w/regular 70VG juice, but it is enough to be satisfying and is helping big time keeping me off the cigs. The pod system is very very cool. No leaks so far and I'm almost ready to fill the pod again...AFTER 4 DAYS OF VAPING! Salt nic seems to go a really long way. I'm going to buy a few more pod replacements soon for other flavors. The simplicity of this device is beyond any other mod type I've ever had. No need for batteries and keeping them charged and taking tanks off and putting them back on. Just charge this baby up, snap the pod in place of the juice you want to vape and you are on your way.

    I had fallen off the vape wagon a few years ago after not smoking for 2 years. I'd practically given up on vaping and had no interest in it until a friend of my son's came over with some kind of pod system. He told me about salt nic and how it helped him get off the cigs. So I decided to give it a try and I'm super glad I did. I was around 2 PAD and now I'm only smoking 3-4 cigs a day in only 4 days of having this mod. Whether you are trying to get of the cigs or looking for a really nice portable mod that doesn't weigh a ton or is too big for your pocket, this is a nice alternative. I'm going to try some regular juice soon with the .6 coil and see how comparable it is to one of my older mods with a Crown tank.


  5. B-1 vs B-2 review by jani on 9/11/2018
    Overall Rating

    I bought the B-1 and then the B-2. I vape sub ohm coils on both with decent vapor production (I'm no cloud chaser). Battery life on B-2 greatly outperforms B-1, but honestly I prefer the draw on my B-1 (note: I was able to open the vent on B-1 a little more for better draws.) I get more hot pop draws on the B-2 and it also slips from the base and you have to click it back down, and I have a hell of time getting the plastic top off for coil change, its really tight. Both are ok to fill, the B-1 needs to be under a light to see the line and don't go over it even a smidge or you will flood it. The B-2 has a smoky plastic tank that I need to hold up to the light to fill and makes it difficult to see the lights. The B-1 tank is easier to clean too. I have dropped both occasionally (who doesn't), and they are both durable - no cracked tank etc. Both are good on the go, and my B-1's over a year old and still going strong. Overall I use B-1 on the go with B-2 as a back up if I'm out a long time.

  6. Awesome starter kit review by Cucoy on 6/25/2018
    Overall Rating

    Just got it and it has been a great experience with the brand

  7. Bang for your buck review by CooperTheMover on 6/2/2018
    Overall Rating

    Bought this , used for a little over a week , it’s small but gives you just the right amount of smoke , easy to carry for people that need something small out of the box comes with 2 coils , have used with salts and reg juice not a killer beast but great on the go mod , battery holds charge like a champ! Best bang for your buck for a starter kit !

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Aspire Breeze 2 All-In-One Vape Starter KitAspire Breeze 2 All-In-One Vape Starter Kit